Libby Lipin

Abby Batsu Capybara
Doe Sergio Moo
Magoo Max Scrappie
Tiki Kangaroo Jack Sasha

About Me


I'm Libby Lipin, an artist living and working in Central Massachusetts.
Some of the most important and profound relationships in my life have been with animals. My advice to everyone who loves an animal is: take photos of them. Take more photos than you think you’d ever need or want.
I make portraits of animals using chalk pastels. If you are interested in commissioning a portrait, please get in touch here!
You may also sporadically find original pastel works available in my shop, as well as small still life paintings that I make in either watercolor or gouache paint, or very occasionally in acrylic paint.
I'd be happy to make my next project a portrait of your critter!


  • Small Works
  • Stained Glass
  • Paintings
  • Prints & Stickers
  • $5+

    per item
  • Portraits
  • 19" x 19"
  • 19" x 12½"
  • 19" x 25"
  • $500

    per critter

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Libby Lipin: Pastels and Stained Glass